Flavio Galvan

Flavio Galvan is an independent artist who, for more than 28 years, has traveled the path of art nourishing himself with experiences generated in his travels, by his intense and varied relationships, including the difficulties of family life, university studies and workshops conducted by others, but, fundamentally, in the experimenting and intense daily work of many years creating a significant body of paintings of great quality.


In his years of work in Argentina, his native country, he exhibited his work in museums and galleries, until he opened "Galvan Art Gallery" where he showed and sold his art until he immigrated to the United States where he currently resides.


Three galleries represent him in the southern part of the country and he has a studio in Florida from which he presents his work to new galleries so as to further expand the area of where his work is shown and sold, making his art known and exhibiting it throughout the entire country.